The making of…

November 2012
The last steps.

Things are getting their shape now. Literally, for the DVD is nearly finished and the lay out of the book is there. But it starts in the mind. Here is a view on the working process >

July 2012
Halfway now!

We are faced with a big heap of photo’s and films and the harvest is good. Now we have to process everything. We think back with warm feelings to the recordings, with which so many have helped us. It was fun!

An and Andrea ->

Surprising footage?

Surprising results?

The eye of the master

The eye of the master

Niels and Helene. The making of the making of the DVD

The making of the making of

March 2012
Building up the set

During the training weekend of February, the first photo’s and films were made. With a lot of clever improvisation and helping hands from acrobats who were there for training, the set was built.

Some acrobats who perform on photo and film were rehearsing in the meantime in the gym.

Hugo, building up the set

using whatever we find in the gym (with Klaus)

Checking the
result of a days’ work