Double Monkey Gallery

The release of Book and DVD has given rise to a “Double Monkey Gallery” from all around the world; the idea is to make the Double Monkey and post a photo of it on Facebook.
The Double Monkey is fun to do and to see, but it takes careful explanation. Below you can read the description as it is given in the book, and see it step by step in the pictures.doublemonkey


Start with the “monkey”: the middle man stands behind the flyer and holds her hips. The flyer takes the wrists of the middle man in a firm grip to prevent his hands from sliding. She jumps, he lifts her. She then sits high on his chest with her legs wrapped around his ribs. He leans backwards and supports her belly.

The flyer bends forward and swings between the legs of middle man. She takes his lower back with her hands while the middle man bends forward and rounds his back first, then arches to let the flyer make a good grip. Now the base steps in and places his thighs under the shoulders of the middle man, as far as he can.

The middle man takes the knees of the base. The base puts his knees forward and takes the back of the upper legs of the middle man while the flyer pushes her feet as far as possible forward under the armpits of the base.

The base pulls the middle man to a shoulderstand on his thighs. Doing this, the base goes to a position where his upper legs are horizontal or even lower. The middle man presses his arms to make this shoulderstand possible and the flyer releases her hands and uses the armpits of the middle man and the base to lever herself with her legs. The base pushes the flyer’s legs down with his armpits. In the movement to the shoulderstand, the middle man has tucked legs until the balance is made.

In the balance the position “opens” up.

The way back is the way up in reverse, with no need for the base to take the legs of the middle man.


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