– In 2019, Noël will be teaching at the Dutch Acro Convention, at the IAC in Beek and twice in his own place Acrofalva in Hungary. In the autumn of 2019, he will be teaching, amongst other places, in Vienna and Linz –

After more than thirty years of experience as a performer and a teacher, Noël Spauwen made a collection of movements he introduced in partner acrobatics. This book can be a source of insight, inspiration and entertainment for everyone. It shows that there is never an end to the possibilities of moving together.

The enclosed DVD contains over 90 acrobatic shapes, transitions and technical exercises, explained step by step in the book. A variety of experienced acrobats perform the movements, and anecdotes and histories on their origin give colour to the whole. Noël’s acrobatic elements and connections is meant for practitioners at all levels and their trainers. It is a creative addition to the (few) existing books on acrobatics.


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