About Noël

“From 1987 on I have been teaching acrobatics in various settings; in regular classes, workshops and special trainings. I have my own training group in Nijmegen for nearly thirty years now; I teach on a regular base in Germany, Austria, Czech and Hungary and I train trainers in acrobatic and other social skills.

I started my acrobatic career as a student of the Como Brothers, the founding fathers of Dutch acrobatics. I passed their exams in the nineteen eighties. Many other teachers have influenced me as well. From 1985-1995 I performed with the trio Drie Hoog Achter in streets and on festivals in Europe and from 1996-2011 with the Tuymelaeren van Mahou, in mediaeval style. Besides that I worked in various duo’s and groups. I am combining acrobatics now with my skills as a social-psychologist in teambuilding and in my acro-talk-show.

In teaching I focus not only on the technique of acrobatics but also on the way of working together and on fluent connections. In the long history of my teaching and performing, a lot of new elements and technical details emerged that have spread in the world of partner acrobatics.

The way people learn in groups has always fascinated me. This was a reason for me to study social and organizational psychology, always searching for the steering spirit that arises in a group and guides it. The seventies -during which I was a student – were the decade of sensitivity- and interaction- training with biodynamics, drama and gestalt techniques for personal growth, and meditation and other spiritual techniques to help you find your way in life. I take this with me in my work as a communication trainer, as well as in my lessons in acrobatics.”

If you would like to have workshops, lessons or coaching to help you master partner acrobatic techniques you can contact me to see if I can give a training that suits you.

Noël Spauwen